The Dim Mak Project

What is the Dim Mak Project Stage 3? Keep reading and watch the video below for an explanation!

Dim Mak Novice Virtual Class

On December 18th I am going to be teaching my advanced Kyusho Jitsu students in Canada a very special virtual class.  In this session they are going to learn the Dim Mak Project basic beginners teaching of the science of Dim Mak. This will be a 2.0 hour session with their practice edited out. Therefore there will be lots of questions asked and a great deal of information taught. This is being recorded and will be made available as I have talked about. After release it will see for $37.00.


My classes are normally always closed sessions, and I charge $75 per person to attend. But I am going to give you a chance to get this video footage at a great price!

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You can preorder the Dim Mak Project Stage 3 now for ONLY $25! This video class ​has been released! ​Order your copy now of this VERY IMPORTANT self defense work before the price goes up! It will list soon for $75!


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