The Dim Mak Project

What is the Dim Mak Project Stage 3? Keep reading and watch the video below for an explanation!

Dim Mak Novice Virtual Class

On December 18 2017 I taught my advanced Kyusho Jitsu students in Canada a very special virtual class.  In this session they are going to learn the Dim Mak Project basic beginners teaching of the science of Dim Mak. This will be a 2.0 hour session with their practice edited out. Therefore there will be lots of questions asked and a great deal of information taught. This is being recorded and will be made available as I have talked about. After release it will see for $37.00.


My classes are normally always closed sessions, and I charge $75 per person to attend. But I am going to give you a chance to get this video footage at a great price!

Get this Video FREE!

You can download the Dim Mak Project Stage 3 now for FREE! This video class to attend was $75 and the video usually sells for $50!

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