Dim Mak Theories to Street Application
Video Course

* Dim Mak Theories

This project, Dim Mak Theories to Street Applications Video Course has been on the table since about winter 2017. I just never could decide on how I wanted to proceed with it. I have done a total of 3 full Dim Mak Certification Courses on the research I have done. As well as an eBook which was first, as well as 2 other Videos.

But i have never taken the information and formally done it as a street application. Why? Because I was never convinced there was demand for it!

And I am still not sure there is!

This will be self defense applied Dim Mak Theories, and how to get the job done on the streets today. All the information from the eBook and the course refined to be used live in today's rather strange and violent world. Dim Mak Theories will be very different than anything else you have seen or I have done before.

I have been thinking about this a long time!

What will I cover in this Video Course?

  • Application of the Diurnal Cycle
  • Use of the 6 Ji Hands within Dim Mak theories
  • Application of the Vibrating Palm 
  • And MUCH MORE!!

If you are interested in Dim Mak this is one video course you will not want to miss! And this is downloadable content!

I do suggest the following prerequisites. The Dim Mak Project eBook or the Novice Dim Mak Project Course

We are both very excited to finally bring this information to you!

This Course is now coming online far ahead of its  June 1st 2021 release!

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